11 January 2008

Lisa's At Least Once-A-Month

Okay, okay, so it's not a bunch of stuff. I get tired easily lately and being upright and on the computer when I get home from the J.O.B. just doesn't afford me the energy to sit at the computer at home. I'm not sure what's making me so tired all the time. I've had several days when I've fallen asleep by eight in the evening only to wake up to the alarm the next morning. That's a ten-and-a-half hour night sleep!

There was a blood drive in the neighborhood where I work this week. While I'm morally opposed to needles I thought it would be a good idea to give anyway. When they make it that convenient there's really nothing to stop me. Plus, it's an hour away from being in the office so...

When they pricked my finger to check my hemoglobin they came back with it being a full two points too low for me to give. So, they decided that the five minutes I sat there not eating anything would give me enough time to raise it the two points. Where they get their science from I'll never know! Needless to say (but I'm saying it anyway) it went down more by the second test. Therefore, I couldn't give blood. What a darn shame! I'm all tore up over it.

That said, my physically is finally around the corner (beginning of February). I made the appointment in November! Good thing I'm not dying or anything. At least I know I need to get my iron again. I'm still going to wait so my doc can confirm if that is the problem or something else.

I felt I needed to post something since I had such a great vacation in Sedona, AZ the last week of 2007. I have a friend who owns a home there & he let me stay there rent free. He and his wife live in California so Scully & I had the place to ourselves. My oldest sis and brother-in-law came up from Tucson and stayed a few days as well. I must say that spending that time out in God's country is NOT condusive to wanting to go back to any job!

Here's a picture of Allen & I on top of Sugarloaf. Okay - nevermind - for some reason the image isn't uploading. It's not PBKAU - problem between keyboard and user - it's really not working. I know I'm not that computer savvy, but it really isn't working. When I get some free time at the job I'll put together a little slide show and post it. Hopefully, the attachment option will be working again.

Events for this weekend: go to memorial service on Saturday afternoon, try to make contact with a prospective business partner, church & sleep.

Have a great weekend!