30 June 2008


I'm still not sleeping well. It's amazing to me how much Scully sleeps during the day and it doesn't even phase her when I get up several times during the night. She snores and "talks" in her sleep so I know she's asleep. It's fun listening to her sleep. She carries on full conversations. I wish I could speak Boxer to understand what she's saying. Her sleep barking is more under her breath than full barking. I've tried turning on the light to video her, but that wakes her up. I'll just have to do one in the dark and post it. It's more fun to watch, though, 'cause her feet and her mouth are all moving the whole time. For the love of dogs!

I now have an understanding of why pregnancy leave is eight weeks after a c-section. I think when the doc told me a minimum of two weeks "maybe" longer he must not have been thinking about the surgery. He must have been thinking of time out from when they do a D&C. I can't see any woma recovering in only two weeks after this surgery. It's almost three weeks for me and I'm still having pains ~ thankfully not as bad or as consistent. I awoke this morning to a sharp pain in the surgery area on the right. It's gone now, but holy cow!

27 June 2008


I went to the grocery store yesterday which is my first solo outing since the surgery. Sue, thanks for the take it easy advice 'cause I felt my limitations yesterday. Vickie had offered to go for me, but I wanted to give it a go. Turned out it was too soon. I don't think I did any damage, but I was so sore yesterday afternoon & night that I knew it was a bad call. I did go very slowly at the market. When I had to turn the cart I made deliberate, slow turns. At the checkout I told them I had surgery and couldn't lift so they packaged everything very light. Then the packer walked me to my car and loaded the bags in the car. When I arrived home Vickie had opened the gate so I could back in all the way to my front door. She came right out to carry in groceries. She got a call at that moment so she sent Paul out to help. They have both been a great blessing to me.

I still haven't been sleeping well. I had one full night of sleep (I think). I'm so wiped out I started questioning whether I had slept through that night or not. This morning I let Scully out and came and lay on the couch. Vickie came and got her for their jog. When they got back Vickie was talking with me a bit. She offered breakfast since she still had some bacon left from Paul's breakfast. I gladly accepted. I'm gonna take it easy today.

I was thinking about going to church Sunday, but the short (less than a mile drive) to the market yesterday proved just as much as I can handle. It doesn't seem wise to me to go to church when that includes getting on the freeway. Plus, by the time service is out the area around the church is so congested that it's a little stressful when I'm feeling good let alone when I'm not. Technically, I could watch my service on tv at some point (I've never researched when our service is broadcast) or I could listen live on the internet. Not a bad idea.

25 June 2008

Still for Sale

The alpaca couple backed out of the deal. Appearantly, they contacted the city to see about getting a business license for the alpacas. They are unable to get the license. It brings up an interesting question: one of our neighbors runs an agility training school and another runs a doggie day care. I'm now wondering if they have licenses.

It just opens up an new opportunity for whatever God has planned.

24 June 2008

Doc Follow up

I had my first follow up with the doctor today. He took the tape off my incision. He said it looks good. There's nothing to report on the tumors (they're benign). I have my next appointment on July 22nd and he will do an exam and schedule an ultrasound to check things out. I'm only able to sit up for a couple of hours at a time. I'm not driving yet 'cause if I have to slam on the brakes or swerve to miss a bunny or something I'll be in more pain. I'll know on July 3rd if I can go to work again on July 7th. I think the two more weeks will help. I can't even put on underwear yet.

I started itching internally yesterday. It's a good sign that means I'm healing. The bummer is it's internal itching and I can't scratch it. I find myself scratching my belly like a pregnant woman. It makes me giggle!

I am due to start my cycle next week. Doc said that the surgery may have caused a little trauma to throw off the schedule a little, but not likely. He said they didn't have anything to do with the ovaries so I should start relatively on time. We'll see if removing the tumors will resolve the pain issue during that week. Not working has resolved the PMS issue, though. ;-) I always knew it had it's irritating factors.

23 June 2008

New Landlords??

Offer accepted...Vickie came by this morning and let me know that the couple to which they countered an offer this weekend accepted. It's contingent on the sale of their house NOT having any contingencies. They want me to stay ~ which is the best news for Scully & me. The reason they like the property so much is the land. They have Alpaca's and need the space. I don't know if they breed them or what the deal is. This means the "wildlife sanctuary" in the backyard is gonna grow. When they had come thru the guest house Scully was barking at them. I told them she needs to get to know you before she will take to you. The wife commented that they were animal people and they understood.

I'm looking forward to the new animals. I could totally have a yard full of pets if I had more time to spend with them. One day!

Tomorrow is my post-surgery doctors' appointment. Vickie offered to drive if I'm not up to it. I just had an email from Sue letting me know that I need to take it easy even when I'm feeling okay. She said I can do a lot of harm if I'm not careful. With Scully jumping on me the other night I know this to be true and am taking her advice to heart!

22 June 2008

Couple O things

Just a quickie to let you know how I'm doing. Scully jumped on me last night when I was coming out of the bathroom. I jerked away to avoid a direct hit to my abdomen, so she only landed on my upper thigh. However, damage done...I started having similar type pains as what I was having in the hopsital the day after surgery. Not the same intensity level, but the same shooting pain. Thankfully, I have not started bleeding again. The last time I did any major bleeding was Wednesday.

It's funny, Paul and Vickie are always commenting that Scully never barks. Occasionally, we have somebody walk thru the house that makes her bark at them. Just as they say she never barks, I say she never jumps. She only jumps on me by invitation ~ that's how I trained her. It's certainly in a boxers' nature to be a jumpy dog.

I'm still waking every four hours. It's odd how two nights in the hospital of them waking me to check my vitals creates a habit. The whacky thing is they don't check my vitals every four hours when I'm awake! They check at 6 am the last time and then mid-day (around 3 pm) and then the night shift comes on at 6 pm and they start around 8:00 with the every four hour thing. I also continue have difficulty making it to the bathroom on time. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not getting a sensation that I need to go or if it's due to not being able to hold it the minute it takes me to walk to the bathroom when I do the get the sensation (or a little of both).

The other thing I wanted to share is that we've had several people come look at the house this week. Last night (about an hour before Scully jumped on me) Vickie let me know one of the couples made an offer. They want Scully & me to stay. Vickie explained that this couple hasn't even put their house on the market yet & want a condition of sale that P&V take this place off the market once they accept the offer. Naturally, they countered. Part of the counter (I think) is that P&V don't take this house off the market until they accept an offer on their house. It was a little confusing, but I think I got it right.

21 June 2008

Lesli's Weight Loss

I just realized I should have done this a while ago. My sis Lesli started Weight Watchers in September of last year. She just hit her first 100# loss goal. These pics are "before & after" although the after is not quite the 100#. She is keeping the purple shirt for the exact purpose of showing the loss. The last photo is her and my brother-in-law ~ who by default is doing weight watchers. He's lost 86#.

It's pretty cool, huh!

19 June 2008

How I'm doing

I thought I'd sit up and do a quick post. I just had a call from Diane who said she's been checking my blog and there's not much on it.

I can only sit for about 20 minutes at a time (that's pushing it). I feel a little better each day. Vickie comes in a few times a day to tell me to stop doing things. She has jury duty today so I've slept most of the day. I'm surviving on the fruit she brought over this morning before she left.

Scully's bored, but I'm certain she's glad not to be outside in the mid-90's heat we're having. Today it's 105ยบ here! UGH! I'm glad not to be out in the heat we're having.

Saturday I'm going to try and participate in a webinar for an hour. Hopefully, I can get thru the whole thing.

Thanks for the healing prayers!

17 June 2008

Pain Update

Hi all...I'm at a point where I now know why House became addicted to vicodin. It's a great drug. Don't freak out...I'm not getting addicted, but for pain management it rocks!

I'm trying to get my stupid email program to send send some work emails. It sent four and now won't send four more I need to send. It doesn't make any sense to me. I hate having to figure things out on a computer! It drives me crazy! (yes, I know, you've been wondering the source)

I've been progressing a bit each day, but can't sit up for very long periods of time ~ a half an hour at best. CaliLyn has been here yesterday and today and will be here tomorrow helping out by fixing meals and cleaning up. Wendy brings dinner and we all eat together so she can spend some time w/CaliLyn who leaves for Oregon on Monday for two months. It's been a blessing to have her help.

Okay - fighting w/email kept me sitting up too long so I'm done for now.

13 June 2008

Friday Update

Howdy All

Spoke with Lisa and she's walking a little and feeling better. Pain isn't too bad.

However she might not check out today. She has a bloated stomach, which is normal for this type of operation she said, but until she passes gas or has a BM she can't go home.

She is ok with not going home until tomorrow since that's when her landlords come home and she'd feel better not being there alone.

I think that's about all!

Thanks for your prayers!

11 June 2008

Surgery update

So Lisa's surgery went well. Just over an hour (if I remember correctly). But she was in recovery for several hours. They moved her to her room around 11 a.m. The pathology report will come back in a couple of days but they said everything went well. The doctor will be checking on her again in the morning.

I'm sure she would love a call or visit.

10 June 2008

Ready, Set, Go

I leave for the hospital at 5:15 tomorrow morning. UGH! My friend Rosy commented "why can't they just let me sleep." My thought on that is since I'm still half asleep it's the best time for the surgery anyway. Plus, the whole not eating or drinking thing wouldn't work for most people. Although, we all know the real reason for the early surgery is the doctor has a 10:30 tee time that he doesn't want to miss.

I forgot to put my cell in my overnight bag when I dropped it off to my friend so I won't have any of my numbers with me in the hospital. Carri Ann will call me Wednesday evening and update my blog.

Have a blessed week!

06 June 2008

So close...

I have been in pain the last two days. I haven't slept well. I am not allowed to take anything (at least not anything that helps) until after surgery on Wednesday. Today was horrible for me. I did go to work since I'm going to be off for a couple of weeks. I got home and layed down on the couch. Poor Scully is missing her walks, but I can barely move let alone take her on our mile and a half jaunt to and around the park.

I just got up and can certainly sleep another eight hours ~ which is the plan just as soon as I'm done here.

Tomorrow I have a seminar to go to in Ontario for my biz. I'm looking forward to hearing these speakers. Bob & Shelly Kummer have been Diamonds for a few years. They have such big hearts and I always love hearing them speak. I have no new people attending, but I have been getting customer orders lately. That's a nice bit of growth for the biz.

05 June 2008

Scheduled and Ready to go

I've preregistered for the hospital. The rooms are private and I could have people stay if I wanted. What a bummer that I'm not married. I'm having my pain again today so I'm really glad for the surgery to be almost here!

For the rest of the time between now and the surgery I am not allowed to take my Omega's as she said they can thin my blood. Being prone to anemia this would be a bad thing during surgery. I'll go back on them right after the surgery, but that's one less "pill to swallow" every morning. I'm glad I just did my "every two year" iron intake. I've been doing well for the last several weeks.

Feel free to stop by and visit while I'm in the hospital. I'll be there two nights ~ the surgery is 10th & I get out the 13th. It's Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital. Kristin will be taking care of Scully and the place while I'm gone. Paul & Vickie are camping and might come home early, but as it stands they are going to come home Saturday the 14th.

We now have a hawk that has joined the wildlife sanctuary in the back yard. It was cool to watch him last night. He was chasing the crows. Hopefully he won't go after the bunnies (or the dog - Scully wouldn't be too happy with that).

03 June 2008

Saying Goodbye

I went to a funeral today for my friends' brother. He died suddenly last Tuesday night from an asthma attack. When I got back to the office I was doing some research for the company where I work to donate to the Asthma Foundation in his memory. I was reading the little card they gave at the funeral. He had just turned 41 in February. I'll be 41 in September. One more reminder of how fleeting life is.

The priest was sharing about the breath of God. He reminded us how God first breathed life into us and therefore we have the breath of God within us. He shared about the name Yahweh. He said when it was spoken it was just as if breath was coming out of a person. Every time he said "Yahweh" he breathed it instead of speaking it. It was a very cool illustration.

I'm looking expectantly towards one day meeting my Savior face to face in heaven. As time goes by I continue to lean on Him for guidance, encouragement and friendship. I love knowing that my life is in His hands. He has the best for me and when you meet Him, He has the best for you too!