26 April 2008

Tiring Saturday

People have been by all day today to look at the property. I'm still surprised at how many people are looking to pay full price in today's market. The couple that was interested the other day haven't moved forward. The broker asked them to make sure they were financed prior to making an offer. So far they haven't come through with anything. Paul said it is prolly 'cause people go looking for homes and then try to get owner financed. Paul & Vickie aren't doing that so there will be people who won't put in an offer.

At least everyone is by appointment only. That way I have a schedule of when there will be somebody here. Ofcourse, Scully & I didn't get our nap today. It's also likely we won't get our nap tomorrow either. We usually have either Saturday or Sunday where we get in a nap. There was one couple today that she really did not like. After that I told her to pick us a good couple. Animals have a better sense about people than we usually do.

24 April 2008

Prayer Changes Things

As I've known for years: I have a big God! Tonight, as I arrived home from the J.O.B. Paul & Vickie were out front with their realtor. Paul came over to my car to ask that I come meet her. He said there were some people interested in the place and they are also interested in me staying. Very cool! Amazing how God works. The house just went on the market Wednesday and today is Thursday. In today's economy, with homes being foreclosed on right and left, somebody is buying a home for "full price."

I am certainly thankful that they want me to stay on board! Paul said he's given me high praises to everyone they've met. Plus, Scully has made a good impression on all the people coming through. I can't say I see the future, but I'm hopeful in NOT having to move!

Keep on agreeing in prayer that this will remain our home!

21 April 2008

Who Holds the Future

For many years I have said, "I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future." I've decided to write a song as that is the theme of my life. In reality, it is the theme of all our lives whether we admit it or not. Tomorrow is known to no man, but God knows what is in tomorrow.

As I suspected, my doctor did not return my calls about the uterine fibroids and instead put in for a referral to a surgeon. I received the authorization in the mail today. I rang the doctors' office and my appointment is for May 1st (appropriately named "May Day"). I went by the center that did my ultrasound to pick up the results for the appointment. Since I'm not a doctor I don't know what a couple of things in the report mean, but I'm gonna post it here verbatim:

"FINDINGS: Transabdominal and endovaginal imaging of the pelvis was performed. The uterus is mildly enlarged measuring 9 cm in length x 7 cm in AP dimension x 6.2 cm in transverse dimension. There are three leiomyomata; one is anterior uterine fundal 27 x 25 x 26 mm, another is fundal 29 x 23 x 20 mm and another one appears to be either in or directly adjacent to the endometrial cavity, possibly submucosal leiomyoma and measured 27 x 19 x 19 mm. I don't definitely see this presumed leiomyona splaying the endometrial stripe and therefore I supect this is a submucosal leiomyoma rather than an endometrial polyp. The endometrial thickness is difficult to evalute due to the leiomyoma in this region. There is no abnormal fluid collection seen in the endometrial cavity. The ovaries are normal, the right measures 27 x 18 x 26 mm and the left is 28 x 18 x 20 mm."

To clarify a couple of terms the word leiomyomata is the plural medical word for fibroids and leiomyoma is the singular medical word for fibroids. (Just in case: verbatim means word for word as written in the report. Including any misspelled words or grammatical errors. These people went to medical school not language school.) Also, if you don't know metric, there are 10 mm in 1 cm. A cm is a little less than half an inch. You can look up anything else you may want to know on the web. Good luck with that.

Anyway, as soon as I know when the surgery is I will post the info here. NOTE: the doc may not opt for surgery, however, that is my direction. Last week while I was on my period I was out of commission for about four days. I only took one full sick day from work and left early another day and one of the days was Sunday. Surgery is not always necessary, but in deteriorating quality of life I suspect it's the best way to go. Plus, when I get married and start having kids the fibroids will cause complications. (Don't get all excited! I haven't met him yet, but I still believe I will get married and have kids.)

That being said, next on the agenda: I was out of town for my annual Spring Leadership business conference this past weekend. I am off work today for the purpose of my seventh day of rest. Scully and I went out to run a couple of errands. When we arrived home Paul & Vickie were in the yard. I stopped to chat with Vickie for a moment before planning on going inside for lunch. Paul came around and asked me to have a seat saying that they had something to tell me. I said, "You're selling the house and moving." He let out and uncomfortable laugh and responded, "Well, yes."

He explained that they own another home in town that they have been renting out. The family renting from them called to see about getting out of their lease early (it's up in September). They are looking into buying a foreclosed home. The deal they worked out was to give each other 60 days notice for moving. The other house is less upkeep & costs. They had first offered it to their youngest son & daughter-in-law, but they declined. So, they are going to put this property on the market and move back into the other. As Paul stated, "We don't know how long it will take to sell it or how long it might take for the other family to find a place, but we're sure to be moving either way. It could work out that the people who buy this place would keep you and Scully on as renters."

Vickie commented that they knew about this a couple weeks ago. When we went to lunch together a week ago she said she couldn't tell me. Paul called her that night and she said, "I'm not telling Lisa & Scully they have to move." I responded, "I'm not worried about it. I've said for years I don't know what the future holds, but I know WHO holds the future. I am thankful that He chose to put us together because we're all friends now and we'll know each other for many years to come."

As I continue on this journey in life I know that I know that I know that GOD knows what is best for me and Scully. One of my friends always quoted two words from Psalms: "Come expecting." So, I come to a new day in my life looking forward to the future with anticipation & expectance of the great things My Heavenly Father has for me.

Join with me in prayer for the healing and the home.

03 April 2008

The Last Time

Today was the funeral service for my two friends who were killed by a wrong way driver last Saturday. It wasn't as hard as most funerals I've attended since it was in Spanish. When they spoke slowly I only caught every third word or so. Once they sped up I managed to get every ten words or so. Although, I still find myself very weepy periodically during the day. It's weird coming into the office and thinking that I won't see Teo or Mario anymore.

Our warehouse manager was Teo's brother. He's leaving tomorrow for about a week to drive the ashes to where they grew up in Mexico. It's about a 30 hour drive one way. I became the default warehouse manager for the next several days. I've been doing lighting for almost 16 years so I know WHAT EVERYTHING is. However, we are in the middle of a warehouse remodel so nothing is WHERE it used to be...I'm really tired! I realize that it's a good experience doing somebody else's job for a while. Working in the warehouse was the only thing I hadn't done for this company. (I've been here almost nine years.)

Take some time to call the people you love to just say, "I love you!" I pray that those who read this who don't know Jesus as your Savior and Lord would make the effort to know Him. Call me, call another friend who knows Him, but don't leave this earth without knowing what your eternity holds for you. For those who know Him may you deepen your faith through the blessed work He has done in your lives! Blessed are those who have not seen yet they believe!