11 March 2009

90 Years Young!

I took a bit of my tax refund to head to Tucson for about a week recently. My friend Hazel turned 90 on March 3rd so they had a celebration for her on the first. I hadn't been for a long visit to Tucson for 14 years (since Hazel's youngest daughter got married). I really enjoyed seeing all the people I saw. I've known Hazel and her family for 30 years! They are the longest lasting relationships I have apart from my sisters.

Here's a picture of Hazel at her celebration:

They didn't put 90 candles on the cake, however, they arranged the candles they used in the shape of the number 90. Hazel had a great time.

While in Tucson, I hooked up with a couple of friends from high school one night. It was great catching up and even remembering together. I had a neat experience on Sunday: since I attend a Foursquare church I decided just to go to Foursquare Church's website and find the closest church to where I'd be staying. I ended up at a church that another friend from high school attends. I was glad to make the connection again! I love how God works in my life.

Since I stayed with one of my sisters, Scully got to come on the trip with me. We rented a car and drove out there. Before coming home we went to Phoenix to see Gramma who is 94. She's living in a nursing facility. Scully really enjoyed seeing her and stuck close to her wheel chair. All of the residents of the home (and some of the staff) wanted to pet Scully and just love on her. Since Scully and are pretty much home-bodies and don't have a lot of traffic thru our house at one time ~ she was a bit overwhelmed. However, since it was just one day I figured she'd get thru it.

Here's Gramma:

Carri Ann
has always said that Scully looks like Gramma. Here's a picture of Gramma, me and Scully. You be the judge:

That evening we went to my Aunt's house to spend the night. Scully's mom (Max) is my Aunt & Uncle's dog. (Her dad was theirs, but they had to send him across the bridge last year so he's playing with Ollie, Popeye and O'Reilly.) When we got there, my aunt and I were chatting when Scully looked out the window over the back yard. She got really excited when she saw her mom there and ran downstairs to the back door still wiggling excitedly. Max came to the back door, put her ears forward and puffed out her chest. Scully immediately dropped low and slinked back up the stairs to me and my Aunt. My aunt said, "It looks like keeping Max away from Scully was a good idea." Later it dawned on me that Scully's mom doesn't want anything to do with her just like my mom. No wonder we're so good for each other.

The morning after we got home, I let Scully out to do her business. When she finished she came tearing into the house so excited to be home and having slept in our own bed the night before. She ran circles around the living room for about five minutes. It was like having a puppy again! A stranger wouldn't have known that she's almost nine.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone and making those connections again. And, just like Scully, I'm glad to be back home again.