28 November 2008

Full Tummy

I went to Paul & Vickie's for Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a tough commute that 100 yards from my front door to their back door. I made pumpkin pie. In today's instant world it should be noted that I make my own pie crust. I would have used fresh pumpkin, but having had no car to go purchase pumpkins this year I had to resort to the canned pumpkin. Everyone loved it.

After we ate, Vickie, her Mom, Elouise, and I played Yatzee. Vickie's dad, Roy, joined us for two rounds. I had lowest score four of the six games. If I tried that intentionally I couldn't have done it (although, that's a good strategy for next time). We all had a lovely day. Vickie and her Mom spoiled Scully. Today she's sleeping comfortably. She's so cute when she sleeps.

One of these days I'm going to find a digital camera that I like and take some better photos for you to see. My cell phone camera is good, but not great. And my Canon printer has great quality for when I print them out. I'm just so picky when it comes to photography. Technology updates so fast that I'd end up buying a nice 14 megapixel camera and the next day they'd come out with 24 megapix!

Paul & Vickie move out next Friday and Saturday and then Phillip & Christy move in the same two days. It's gonna be crazy around here. When we were discussing it yesterday Vickie suggested I stay scarce or get put to work. I said I'm happy to work, but with all the neck and back injuries the most I can do is move couch cushions. She said I was worthless. I said I wasn't worthless to which Elousie said I was workless. We were cracking up.

24 November 2008

Missin' You

Today was my friend Joyce's funeral. She went home to be with the Lord on Thursday. She had started her last journey with a diagnosed brain tumor. That was over twenty months ago. The docs gave her six months back then, but they don't know the awesome God I do. After surgery, chemo and radiation treatments over the last couple of years, Joyce had more good days than bad. It's only been in the last couple of months that she started having struggles. The last few weeks were the hardest as she could no longer speak and slept about twenty hours a day.

I am happy for her now that she is not suffering and is celebrating with Jesus, but sad for the loss of a friend. Please keep her hubby, Max, as well as their adult son & daughter and grandkids in prayer. Joyce was only in her late 60's. She was truly a Christian that others could look to as an example of "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind. Love others as you love yourself."

21 November 2008

Another Day in the Life...

I haven't written in a while. That may seem odd since I'm still unemployed, but I find that my time gets away from me. I'm still job hunting online, however I'm putting a lot of my time into working on my biz as well as a little time working on the edits of the book I wrote several years ago. I found that working from home does two things for me: one is that I forget to stop working. Therefore, I end up putting in a lot more hours than I would if I went to a "brick and mortar" place to work. Second, I get a lot more done in the time I work. I don't have interruptions that aren't related to what I'm working as much as when I did go to a job. I do talk w/my sis who lives in Tucson occassionally, but that's just succeeded in shortening our weekend calls and not taken away from the time I spend working.

I love the idea of and the ability to work from home. I was always a bit jealous of my younger sis because her company had made changes and she's been working from home for several years now. Years ago there was a Sunday comic of "The Family Circus" that had little Dolly talking to her mom who was standing at the kitchen sink. Dolly had a friend with her and said to her mom that her friend was "lucky because she's homeschooled and gets to use her own bathroom." I have to agree with Dolly. I love not having to share the bathroom with anyone anymore! I tried to search for the specific comic on the web to share it with you, but I can't find it (and my tolerance for web searches is low). It's not on the Family Circus website.

Scully loves having me around all the time too. Though, she's become quite the homebody. Last night Paul had a board meeting at the church so Vickie had a movie and we did a girls night. Scully kept getting up like she had to go outside. Everytime I took her to the back yard, she headed for our house. Finally, I just left her out figuring if she has to go she can and if not she wouldn't keep interrupting the movie. When the movie was over and we came to our house she was literally doing her dance of joy. I sat down on my couch and she jumped up next to me, layed down in my lap and didn't move for an hour and a half!

06 November 2008

What's the Buzz?

Since I have been out of work I have turned my main focus into building my business. I figured this is a great time since I haven't been lead to a new job yet. There is a great opportunity out there for anyone who needs to earn some extra cash or even build a big business and get free of the rat-race.

My initial focus is to show companies in my area my Ribbon Gift and Incentive program. It's a great opportunity for acknowledgement of accomplishments. Companies can also use it for sales incentives, or just year-round gifts of appreciation for their employees or customers.

In fact, these albums have been the gifts I've been giving to people for a few years now. I've always gotten great responses on them. There's everything from Choices for Health, Home and Self to I Do! for a wedding to Arrival for a new baby to Luxury for high-end gifts. Stop by my website and click the Services tab and then click Gifts on the left side of your screen to check them out. The way I've usually done it is to pick out an album with at least three things I think my friend, family member or employee will like and then that's the album I get them. It never fails that the even end up getting something I didn't think of for them out of the album.

There's no shipping charges for the albums or the gifts so you save time and money. You don't have to fight lines at the malls and you aren't spending gas money to run around looking for the right gift.