22 December 2008

The Clouds Roll In

So, much for beautiful day! Scully and I awoke to another winter storm this morning. I love the Southern California winter storm watches. In the mid-west and east they have a winter storm and everything stops 'cause the snow is so thick you can't get around. It starts drizzling here and they freak out.

Quite a contrast from the last picture, huh! Ah, well, back to the job search.

20 December 2008

It's a beautiful day!

For the first day this week there are no clouds at all in the sky! It rained from Saturday early a.m. until Wednesday. There were breaks in the rain, but I couldn't go anywhere since my mode of transportation is still walking. My sis sent me a package that arrived on Wednesday. The rain had slowed to a drizzle so I went around to the front door of the main house to see if the box was there. It was. The same second that I stepped back into my front door the sky opened up and it poured down rain again! I have always loved the rain and since I am still unemployed I can do what rainy days are for: make a cup of cocoa, curl up on the couch and read a book. The only drawback is I don't have much of an overhang on the house so I can't leave the door open to watch the rain.

Love that natural framing!

This morning I used some of the rabbit fencing I have to block the sidewalk at my back door so Abby can't get in and Scully can go out and come in at her leisure. I asked Phil about it beforehand and he was good with it. I like how it worked out. I want to put it at the back of the house, but there's no way to mount it to the side of the house. I have to take it off one side in order to get to the hose behind my house, but it's good until Scully and Abby become friends. Plus, with Scully being able to go out as she wants, there will be more opportunity for Abby to calm down and get to know Scully and not be so yippy.

A few weeks ago there was an episode of Dog Whisperer where he dealt with a small dog that kept going after the big dogs. Finally, one of the big dogs would turn and come after the small dog. That's the one thing I've noticed at the park is that the small dogs are vocal and aggressive and Scully would just walk on by (bah bop bop baaah...). Abby's the same way: she taunts Scully, who just sits there staring at her. Keep praying for them to become friends because that will be easier for all concerned. It's been a hassle for me because I have to have Scully on her leash to be in the shared yard. Since that's where I need to take her to wash her muddy feet it's just a pain in the butt.

12 December 2008

Not friends yet...

Scully hasn't made friends with Abby yet. In fact, quite the opposite. Monday we spent a lot of time outside putting up the Christmas lights. From the time Christy left for work Abby was doing her barking thing in and out of the house. She wouldn't come near me and Scully. Scully just kept looking at her and looking at me as if to say, "Why's she doing that?" I explained to Scully that she wanted her people to come home and that Scully needed to get to know her so she would feel comfortable when they were gone. During the day Abby would get a little closer to us. I felt like it was a good day and we made some progress.

Tuesday I would take Scully out and just sit out there with her so Abby would see everything was alright. That afternoon Scully and I went for our walk. When we got home, Paul was pulling the car thru the driveway. Scully was all excited. Then Vickie came around the corner from the back yard and Scully ran over to her. I had just come out of the sun and my vision hadn't adjusted to the shade of the trees yet so what I didn't see was that Vickie was holding Abby. Abby went nuts trying to get away from Vickie and Scully went after her. It took my brain a few seconds to catch up to what was happening. I ran over and grabbed Scully's collar, twisted it and pulled her back. Abby took off and ran inside the front door. So much for all the work we did on Monday and Tuesday!

Vickie came over to let me know that Abby was okay, had calmed down and she even went out back to do her business. She said Paul wanted Scully to either be in the back field (her yard) or on a leash if she was in the shared yard. The bummer for me is that I can't just leave the door and the gate open anymore for Scully to be able to go outside when she needs to go. Scully was confused Wednesday after we did the pooper-scooping as to why I didn't let her walk with me to dump it in the trash. I reminded her it was her fault. If only she understood.

I figure with time Scully will get used to the fact that Abby isn't going anywhere and they will meet on good terms and be friends. At least, I hope so!