22 June 2009

More Jason

Here's a couple more photos my sister sent today. One is of her holding Jason when he was still at the hospital. The other is of my nephew and his girlfriend at my sisters' house.

I'm thinking they need to learn how to hold the baby correctly. First, you can't see his face and then, he's tilted so the blood is rushing to his head. This is what happens when kids have kids. Sigh....

19 June 2009

Jason King Porter

Welcome my Great Nephew, Jason King Porter, to the world!

He was born yesterday morning at 2:46 weighing in at 6# 11 oz and 19" long. He's such a cutie. He has a bad kidney that will need surgery when he's six months old, but otherwise is doing well. Please keep him in prayer for that. Also, pray Jacob (my nephew) will obtain and maintain gainful employment and be a good, responsible Daddy to Jason. As my sister sends more pictures I'll post them for you to keep up with the little guy.

This is Jacob holding Jason.

This is Jacob's girlfriend, Justina, holding Jason.