21 August 2008

Mom's Home!

As I was at work the other day I was thinking about getting home to see Scully (which is most of what I do while at work). I decided I needed to do cell video of her as I arrived home. She moves so fast ~ sometimes she gets out of the frame. I love her look at the end of the video.

Isn't she cute!

17 August 2008

Scully Gets a Bath

Scully's last bath was just before my surgery. I knew it would be a while before I could manage man-handling her into the shower and then keeping her standing while I washed her. She loves how she feels after the bath, but she hates the actual event. She smells so good now. I'm glad I was able to finally bathe her again. She was really stinky. Ofcourse, she still is 'cause she's a boxer. We were sitting here just now and she was re-bathing herself (licking) when she farted. I'll never understand how something so toxic comes out of something so cute! ;-0

I tried wearing jean shorts yesterday. It's still uncomfortable, so I figure another week or so and I should be just about done. Also, I'm on my third cycle since the surgery and still NO PAIN! WOO HOO! I'm so happy! While I don't have plans for a marathon or anything I may get to start going on walks with Scully again soon. She'll be happy. I have decided not to go back to the same pace I kept in the past. It centered around my job. I plan on transferring that motivation to my biz.

God is good all the time!

15 August 2008

What Weather!

Holy cow! Yesterday was like 60% humidity out there! I don't know what that was all about, but I walked outside to take my lunch break and there was no air...it was so heavy from all the moisture that the trees couldn't even move. Today is much better.

We've been harvesting a couple dozen tomotoes a day from our five plants. It's been great. My landlords got home from vacation today so I'm gonna have to share (the plants are theirs). I have been bringing some in to work and sharing. I love home-made tomatoes! They just taste so goooood! Scully even likes them.

The other great thing about Paul & Vickie being home is that Scully will be getting her walks/runs again. I've been doing really good lately. Once my incision started healing I started feeling better. Today has been a really good day. I'm actually looking forward to the weekend 'cause I don't feel like just lying around all weekend. I'm not ready to start walking Scully again, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

CaliLyn comes home on Saturday (from her summer with her Dad). Wendy and I already discussed getting together. I think we'll do a Musashi tepan tables night. It's CaliLyn's favorite place. She goes there once a year for her birthday. They just built one at the town center here so it's actually more convenient than the other one where we would go. Wendy only takes her once a year because of the cost. I don't see that it's more than Outback or something similar so now that it's local to me she and I can go more often.

Have a terrific weekend!

10 August 2008

Wendy Update

Just a quick note to update you on my friend Wendy. She saw the orthopedic surgeon this week. He confirmed that her broken shoulder blade is not operable. He also said that it doesn't affect the joint. Therefore it will heal on its own. He will have her do physical therapy for the next few weeks and he's also ordering an MRI to make sure nothing else is wrong in there. She hasn't seen the neurologist regarding the seizure yet. The soonest available appointment was the 21st. She's going to work a few times a week. She gets to sleep in and get there at her leisure. Her company owner has been very understanding.

Russ (her dad) is doing pretty good. He's healing from all the treatments. The concern now is that he has been getting lightheaded. He almost passed out the other night. Sue said this was the first time that happened since she's been alone with him. She was a bit scared, but she was able to get him to the bed before he went out and hit his head on the bathroom tile or something. His white blood cell count is still low. Keep them in prayer.

06 August 2008

Still Plugging Away

I finally had a turn of events in my healing this weekend: the portion of my surgical incision that had been infected took a turn for the better. It finally looks like it's starting to heal. It's important to note that the doc said it wasn't infected. I didn't ask what his reasoning for the puss was, but I just continued to keep it clean and treated w/triple antibiotic ointment. I love doctors!

Scully's been a bit bummed out lately. Paul and Vickie are on vacation (they do that a lot) and so she isn't getting daily her runs with Vickie. I certainly can't walk her yet. Poor girl! Plus, we have rabbits (along with a bunch of other types of wildlife) in our back yard and I am teaching her to let them be instead of chasing them. I think she's got it. When I'm home she will walk out back they'll start hopping away and she just glances at them and then goes on about her business.

I had a cool break through with the bunnies: when I let Scully out for the last time last night they started hopping off. I spoke to them and said "it's okay bunnies, you can stay." I've been talking to them a lot. That was the first time they stopped in their tracks and went about grazing instead of stopping statuesque and crouching low to the ground. It was pretty cool. This morning when I let Scully out, two of them just stayed in the yard. Granted they were close to the fence in case they felt the need to flee, but I think we're making progress.

My goal is getting Scully to be friends with the wildlife so once day we can move into the getting other pets realm. I would love to have a ferret again!

Thanks for stopping by to read what's up with me!

01 August 2008

First Full Week

I have my first full week back at work under my belt. I can honestly say I was done with the week by Wednesday. I was in a lot of pain that day. One of my co-workers commented to me that I didn't look good when I was leaving the office. That was for sure! I am looking forward to a restful weekend this time! No seizures & broken bones for my friends this time please!

I kinda feel like the kitten in this picture that somebody emailed me a while back:

Ya ever have one of those days?