28 April 2009

Gabriel Perkins

Just a quickie here for prayer request: please keep Gabriel Perkins in prayer. Just over a week ago my friend's nephew was found to have cancer in his abdomen. The Readers' Digest version is that he was having issues to which the doctor simply thought he was impacted, so he was given an enema & sent home. After using it, he started violently throwing up. His parents rushed him to emergency and a CT scan was done showing three large tumors. The next day he had exploratory surgery which found four large tumors and many seeds on his abdomen wall. They removed the one that was distending his belly button and biopsied it. That's all I will type regarding the diagnosis as the updates are located on the caring bridge site link at the left under the "Worthy Causes & Prayer Needs" header. Gabriel is five years old.

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blessusall said...

John 14:27 "I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So dont be troubled or afraid." I pray his mom is able to have the energy and strenth to extend to Gabriel. Gabriels body needs peace and positive energy. Our bodies are one-put positive energy, peacefull around him to help heal him. I pray: God continue to hold this childs hand...help the parents to continue to have faith in in...unbelievable faith...complete peace.

Maybe a chiro who helps with energy healing...her name is Angel Hong..in Moline Hamilton heights building.

Is their a blog spot on this child??