15 December 2007

Lisa's Couple 'O Things

As pointed out by my rabbit nephew Zinger my blog should be called Couple of things. Time flies when you're taking care of kids. My not-related niece, CaliLyn, has been here several weekends in a row. We've had a great time, but Auntie Lisa gets wiped out after all night Friday and all day Saturday. Sitting at the computer is the last thing I tend to want to do. Right now, CaliLyn is drawing on my white board while I placed a vitamin order online. I thought I'd stop by my sis' post and look to see if there was something I should add to mine. After the admonishment from Zinger, I had to write something!

Scully got a bath today. You can't tell how good she smells from a picture, but trust me. CaliLyn guarded the bathroom door so Scully couldn't excape while I was drying her off. Turn down your volume a bit. I whistle at the beginning to get Scully interested. It's a little loud.

Cell camera quality, but 'til I can afford more it'll have to do.

Have a blessed Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Zinger asked me to tell you he's pleased ;-)

Cute video - I just took the dogs to a reservoir and Betsy took to it like a duck to water - just like she was made to walk into the lake and swim and she loved it! I wished I had remembered my camera so I could post something new!

Glad you've been keeping busy being an Aunt! what fun ;-)

lgf said...

I'm glad Zinger is pleased. A little surprising not to have disapproval.

Betsy sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad you're enjoying her. It's neat that you're fostering.

Jen P said...

Welcome Lisa, and thanks for your comment! It's nice to know that the world doesn't hold us to a standard. Hope you come back through again.

Anonymous said...

yeah zinger is not your normal bunny - when you meet him you'll see he snuggles, licks and is generally very approving of humans! odd!

check out the video i just posted of oreilly and betsy playing (my site, not archi's... she's made it very clear i am not to post on her site... yeah i'm a little outta touch with reality, i know! ;-p)