28 October 2007

Every 18 Seconds

I attended an SCC concert last night. As always, he put on a great show. During this tour he's promoting a foundation called Shohanna's Hope (link to the right). Shohanna is one of the girls he & his wife adopted. Show Hope provides financial support to good couples who are trying to adopt, but don't have the funds.

The title of this post goes to what Steven explained last night: every 18 seconds a child is orphaned somewhere in the world. From the start of the concert at 7:30 until it was over around 10:45 over 600 children were orphaned. While I wasn't considered by many to be an orphan I was in foster care. My parents were still alive which is why people used to say I wasn't an orphan. Ahhh, the misinformed. Foster care is not the answer for kids. Putting them in good, adoptive homes is. Kids need to feel loved and being shuffled from one home to another is not the answer.

Take a few moments to check out Show Hope. If you can't donate, add them to your prayer list. It's worthy cause if ever there was one.


Anonymous said...

very cool

archi ann said...

happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you had a nice one!

Your wiseA** Nephew Zinger said...

need to change your blog to
Lisa's couple o'things

lgf said...

you're right zinger...it comes from the time I have has been given to CaliLyn so I don't get on the puter much at home. (& since my boss knows my address I can't update while I'm at work 'cause it would give me away).