26 January 2009

Every Day Feels the Same

Scully and I were having a bit of cabin fever the other day. While we go on our walk every day (rain or shine) the walls still tend to close in on you when you don't get out much. I still haven't found a job. That's a full four months out of work as of today. With Circuit City going out of business that's putting another 34,000 people out of work in the US. The job market is becoming non-existent.

And in five more days it will be a full four months without a vehicle. I've been watching some vehicles on a used car lots website. There are several that have been on there since my accident. A couple weeks ago I put in my $2000 offer on one to see if they'd come back with anything. I haven't gotten a response. It could be because I didn't give my address, but that's none of their business unless they accept the offer and I buy the vehicle. $2k is all I have right now and being unemployed, I can't commit any more. It would be nice to have a vehicle again. I miss attending services at my church. I was there last weekend because I rented a car for the weekend for a business dinner I had to attend at a location a couple hours from where I live. In the mean time, I have some friends who attend a church in my area so they pick me up and I go with them. It's just not the same.

My sis got a new bunny named Fidget. She's a cutie. Scully and I saw a dog at the park that reminded me of her first dog, Winston. He was just as energetic as Winston was. The lady walking him was older and could barely hold on to him. She had taken him over near a tree when she saw us on the path. I can only assume to try to 'hide' us from him. It took everything she had to keep him from pulling her down. I would say not good planning for a pet on her part.

Scully comes home from our walks and pretty much poops out. She's 8-1/2, but in doing some research it turns out that a boxers average life span is only 10-12 years. I told her she needs to plan on the far side of that. I'm sure she'll do her best. I didn't sleep well the last two nights for some reason so when I let her out this morning I went back in the room to lay down. I heard her come back in and called to her. She jumped onto the bed, walked on me to get to my front (I lay on my side), got right in my face and layed down in a ball right there. She's very clingy lately. You'd think she'd be tired of me being around all the time. (I know I am.)


PJ said...

Yeah, it totally sucks. We're a little better off, but it could change. I try not to think about it. I'm glad you have Scully and Scully has you.

Anonymous said...

Man i wish Lakota was a cuddle bug - she's sooooo independent. And Fidget is turning out to be SNARKIER than Archi Ann

Sadly the economy is not looking better with this Stimulus package that will stimulate the growth of bigger government... but God has a plan and there's a job out there for you... I'm so proud of you for pressing into your business and doing the hard stuff. you are amazing!