22 December 2008

The Clouds Roll In

So, much for beautiful day! Scully and I awoke to another winter storm this morning. I love the Southern California winter storm watches. In the mid-west and east they have a winter storm and everything stops 'cause the snow is so thick you can't get around. It starts drizzling here and they freak out.

Quite a contrast from the last picture, huh! Ah, well, back to the job search.


PJ said...

Hi Lisa, sounds like you're hanging loose, you and the Scullymeister!

Anonymous said...

very cool

merry Christmas

I realized last night as I looked over at my desk I didn't get your "gift" in the mail and am quite bummed about it since it would have been cool to take to Wendy's

I'll get it out as soon as i'm more ambulatory

love you sis,

PJ said...

Bestest wishes to you and yours for this holiday.
PJ, Ranger Dog, and the 2 G-Kitties.


lgf said...

Thank you both for Christmas wishes!