23 June 2010

Home Stretch

The motivation this week has been amazing. The words keep falling onto the pages of my novel. I'm loving where the story is going. Writing has always been a journey for me. It's better than reading a novel. When I read a novel, I always figure out where it's going early on. While I always knew the "general" end of my story, watching it come together is even better than I had thought. I look forward to the outcome of the story. The goal of finishing this week is certainly going to be realized. It's Wednesday.

I actually think I'll finish by Friday. That will give me Saturday to check content and add page numbers. I'm pretty excited right now! This quick blog post was my, I'm wiped out for the day so I'm saying good night to my Facebook friends and dropping a note on my blog.

What I look forward to even more is selling it and being a published fiction writer. Soon!

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