11 March 2008

Just Perfect

EDITED 25-Mar-08: The corporation has informed all IBO's that we are not allowed to post the videos on the web. Therefore, I am leaving the text of my original post and if you're interested in seeing the videos I can email them directly to you from my phone. Just leave a comment requesting that. I moderate my comments so your email will not be published on this blog.

Okay, so it's not even once-a-month, but I've been busy lately. I was at a seminar a couple weeks ago for the business I own. We have a new product coming out called Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™. The speaker demo'd the product and my younger sis was one of the "models" in the demo. Here are three cell phone videos of the before and after drinking the water. The first is before. They do a flexibility test and then a strength/balance (tip) test.


The water is on advance order now with shipments starting mid-April. I had the opportunity to be tested this past weekend. Holy cow! I was amazed at the not being able to be tipped. In the before I had to fight to avaid being tipped - to no avail. I was tipped. After drinking just an ounce of the water I didn't have to fight, but couldn't be tipped.

If you wonder about it check out the website for Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™ and it will break down all the information about the water for you. I am taking advance orders now for the Saturday order I will be placing. If you have interest or want more information just let me know.

Have a blessed week!


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I would love to see the videos of the tip test.