21 March 2008

This Time It's Personal

The gospel music group The Winans have a song from years ago in which there's a section that basically says, "You're always praying for everyone else and now you have a need so it's time to lift that need up. This time it's personal."

I've been to numerous doctors over the past couple of months in an effort to get to the bottom of some symptoms I've been struggling with for a little more than a year. It's in relation to my monthly cycle. I've never had to deal with some of the effects of the monthly cycle - especially cramps. I would get cramps maybe once or twice a year. Mind you, they were horrible when I did, but it was that infrequent. The other thing about my cycle was that you could 'set your calendar by me'. In other words, it was always every 28 days. Over the last year and a half my cycle has become unpredictable (to say the least). Towards the end of 2007 I started having massive pain associated with it. So, I scheduled a doctors appointment.

After several appointments with various tests the conclusion is that I have three fibroid tumors in my uterus. The doc wants to treat the symptoms as they "don't know what causes fibroids or how to treat them." The way to treat the symptoms would be to put me on the pill. However, this "may or may not help alleviate some of the symptoms". Since I don't react well to pharmaceuticals I decided to hold off on their method of treating the symptoms to talk with somebody at the Better Life Institute. I heard back from Dr. Chet Vlasco this morning as I was driving to church. He recommended a couple of things by Nutrilite that I am already using (one of which I started in December and have noticed some alleviation of the symptoms) and also one supplement that I'm not using called Glucose Health. In the Glucose health it has an ingredient called Chromium picolinate which he said has been proven to help with various kinds of fibroids. I will start on that next week and see how that helps.

With my current doctors the next step is to check the tumors in six months to see if they are the same or if they have changed in any way. My proactive nature is that I am going to contact the insurance company (Blue Shield Access Plus HMO) to find out how I go about getting a second opinion. I am of the mind that even benign tumors don't belong in my body. NOTE: I have no idea if these tumors are benign or not. This is not something that the doctors have checked. That is part of the other reason for seeking my next step with my insurance company.

My prayer requests are simple: complete healing of the tumors so that at the next doctors appointment (whether in six months or sooner) there are no more tumors. Also, please pray for absolute favor with all whom I come in to contact on this issue. Obviously, some people won't see God's glory in my healing if there's not medical proof that I'm healed. Since God IS my healer I believe for His intervention in my health and my ultimate desire is to see His glory revealed in and through me.

As you have been faithful to pray for all those I pass thru your emails I now thank you for this personal need for which you will be intercedeing on my behalf.

Lots of love & have a Blessed Easter! (If you 're looking for somewhere to worship on Easter, The Church On the Way has three services Sunday morning! If you're there see ya at 8 am).

I will try to be faithful to keep any updates on my blog so check back here.

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