10 September 2008

Back Yard Sanctuary

A couple of the yard bunnies have stopped taking off when I let Scully out for the day. It's pretty cool to see them start trusting. My hopes are that Scully stays trust worthy. She's doing really good just watching them do their thing. At least, when I'm there. Who knows what happens while I'm at work all day.

Today when I let her out for the day even the sparrows stuck around. They usually fly off the minute I open the door ~ even the ones in the trees! That's always funny to me. Scully can jump pretty high, but I don't think she can climb trees.

I have an update prayer request for my friend Joyce. She's the one that was diagnosed with brain tumors around Easter of 2007. Back then they gave her a 12 month prognosis. She's outlived that now by five months already. She is still getting chemo infusions and radiation therapy. The tumors had spread down her spine. Recently she has been having issues with her short-term memory. Her husband has become more of a caretaker lately. Monday she was told that they confirmed by an MRI that it is not because of re-growth of the brain tumors. They have not regrown. This is good. They said it's an effect of the drugs. Otherwise, she is still fighting and in good spirits.

Joyce loves the Lord with all her heart. It is evidenced in all she does and says. I would still like to see the Lord completely heal her without taking her home to Himself. Please continue to pray for her healing. What a testimony that would be for her to share! Thanks for your prayers.


PJ said...

That's pretty amazing about the buns, I wish the cotton tails around here were friendlier.
Your friend is going through quite a lot. I'm sure it's very difficult and I'll include her in my prayers.

lgf said...

I think the friendliness is familiarity. They live in our yard which is enclosed. They see us all the time and I speak softly to them everytime I see them. Plus, I tend to be singing a lot and it's been my experience that animals react well to that.

Thanks for praying for Joyce.