02 September 2008

Beach Day

Scully and I go to the beach the day after Labor Day every year. I like that day because there aren't a lot of people there. Last year CaliLyn came with us and hence it became tradition. Her cousin Zach lives with them now so he actually joined us this year. It worked out well for me because Zach did all the heavy lifting. Boxers are usually water dogs, but not Scully. She doesn't really like the water. Maybe she has memories of one of her brothers drowning in the pool when they were still puppies. Whatever it is, she hates the water.

Since I get into the water more with CaliLyn joining us I bought a twenty foot leash so we could be in the water and she wouldn't have to be wet. I didn't get one of the annoying, retractable leashes for a couple of reasons. One was I can't just put it around my wrist and let it hang. The other was I figured getting the leash wet and then retracting it in there wouldn't mess it up.

As we went down to the water I kinda got Scully a little involved in it to show her how much fun it was. She wasn't interested. We stayed out about thirty minutes and then went back to where our stuff was located. Zach and CaliLyn stayed out another ten minutes or so and then joined us. CaliLyn and I went back down a couple more times. Zach didn't want to go out more so he sat with Scully. On what turned out to be our last time in the water Scully wanted to come with us. She actually got into the ocean on her own accord. It was pretty cool. She just kept coming out and getting used to it and then would back out to the edge of the water to be dry. I think I just need to get to the beach more often so she gets used to it.

After a bit we took our "traditional" walk along the coast. Since Scully was enjoying the water we were able to actually walk in the water. CaliLyn and I were looking for shells for her collection. I saw something as the water receded and bent over to pick it up. It was a full sand dollar. I haven't pulled a sand dollar out of the ocean since I was eight. It was at Myrtle Beach then. We were at Ventura Beach today. Two different oceans and years apart. It was pretty cool. The one I had found as a kid got damaged during one of my foster moves. So, we started looking for another one for CaliLyn. We found one, even bigger, but it was a little broken. We kept our eyes peeled, but never found another one.

I'll post the picture of the whole one tomorrow. My home computer doesn't save the attachment I send from my cell as a picture file. I can't figure out why. Computers just aren't my thing.

CaliLyn turns nine next week. She's taking a handful of friends for a pedicure spa for her party Saturday. Being the great Aunt I am I'm going to go help out. Partly because Wendy still isn't allowed to drive so they need help getting the girls there and home again. CaliLyn is excited. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday I told her I could either buy her something to open at her party or we could go on a shopping trip. She picked the shopping trip. Smart kid!

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