01 September 2008

Lazy Weekend

As always I take Tuesday off on Labor Day weekend so I have a four day weekend. Tomorrow Scully and I go to the beach to just chill and watch the wind surfers. Last year it became tradition that CaliLyn joins us. This year her cousin Zach is living with them so it will become tradition that he join us as well. Saturday I took CaliLyn to dinner and dessert. She got home from her summer visit with her dad on the 16th and this was the first time I got to see her since. While we were out she mentioned that Zach wanted to go to the beach, but Wendy thought I wouldn't want him going in the ocean. There's a life guard there. Plus, I realized that this was my answer to carrying the heavy stuff this year: Zach can do it. They're going to come over tonight and spend the night and we'll leave from here in the morning. I'm closer to the beach than they are.

While I'm on the subject I'll let you know how Wendy is doing. She got in early to the neurologist so she saw him on the 15th instead of the 21st. He did an MRI and then added contrast. This was just Friday. He said that she will have 4-6 months off driving and doesn't plan to see her again until October. He didn't seemed concerned. Wendy called the office to find out if he would call her once he received the results of the MRI. The nurse said he only calls if something is wrong. Wendy asked that he call either way because she needs peace of mind in the midst of this storm. She's had two physical therapy sessions for her broken shoulder blade. The first one was where the therapist gave her exercises. The second was a lot better because she had been doing her tasks and improving. Keep that healing process in prayer that there would be complete healing of the bone.

Yesterday I woke up around 8:50am. My church service starts at 9:00. Granted there is a second service at 11:00, but it's way more crowded and I don't know as many people there. So, Scully and I took the day off. Christine hasn't called about showing the house. That surprised me a bit because it seemed that people look at houses on holiday weekends more than others. I was glad though 'cause I didn't have to do dishes.

Today I'm gonna run over to Wally World to pick up a longer leash for Scully. The book I read to train her (Good Owners Great Dogs) had said to only use a 4' leash. That way I maintain control. I never ended up getting a longer leash because now I just walk her off-lead. When we go to the beach, she's not thrilled with the water so I want to get a longer lead so she can stay on the shore and we can get in the waves a bit. They are anal about the dogs being an a leash there. The funny thing is, I see other people letting their yap yap dogs run free and they don't go talk with them. It's a little annoying, especially since Scully doesn't leave my side (unless I'm in the water). C'est la vie!

Have a great Labor Day!

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