21 November 2008

Another Day in the Life...

I haven't written in a while. That may seem odd since I'm still unemployed, but I find that my time gets away from me. I'm still job hunting online, however I'm putting a lot of my time into working on my biz as well as a little time working on the edits of the book I wrote several years ago. I found that working from home does two things for me: one is that I forget to stop working. Therefore, I end up putting in a lot more hours than I would if I went to a "brick and mortar" place to work. Second, I get a lot more done in the time I work. I don't have interruptions that aren't related to what I'm working as much as when I did go to a job. I do talk w/my sis who lives in Tucson occassionally, but that's just succeeded in shortening our weekend calls and not taken away from the time I spend working.

I love the idea of and the ability to work from home. I was always a bit jealous of my younger sis because her company had made changes and she's been working from home for several years now. Years ago there was a Sunday comic of "The Family Circus" that had little Dolly talking to her mom who was standing at the kitchen sink. Dolly had a friend with her and said to her mom that her friend was "lucky because she's homeschooled and gets to use her own bathroom." I have to agree with Dolly. I love not having to share the bathroom with anyone anymore! I tried to search for the specific comic on the web to share it with you, but I can't find it (and my tolerance for web searches is low). It's not on the Family Circus website.

Scully loves having me around all the time too. Though, she's become quite the homebody. Last night Paul had a board meeting at the church so Vickie had a movie and we did a girls night. Scully kept getting up like she had to go outside. Everytime I took her to the back yard, she headed for our house. Finally, I just left her out figuring if she has to go she can and if not she wouldn't keep interrupting the movie. When the movie was over and we came to our house she was literally doing her dance of joy. I sat down on my couch and she jumped up next to me, layed down in my lap and didn't move for an hour and a half!


PJ said...

Sounds like heaven. Unconditional love.

lgf said...

no - the conditions exist: feed her, take her on walks and turn on the light when she's gotta go out at night. ;-)