28 November 2008

Full Tummy

I went to Paul & Vickie's for Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a tough commute that 100 yards from my front door to their back door. I made pumpkin pie. In today's instant world it should be noted that I make my own pie crust. I would have used fresh pumpkin, but having had no car to go purchase pumpkins this year I had to resort to the canned pumpkin. Everyone loved it.

After we ate, Vickie, her Mom, Elouise, and I played Yatzee. Vickie's dad, Roy, joined us for two rounds. I had lowest score four of the six games. If I tried that intentionally I couldn't have done it (although, that's a good strategy for next time). We all had a lovely day. Vickie and her Mom spoiled Scully. Today she's sleeping comfortably. She's so cute when she sleeps.

One of these days I'm going to find a digital camera that I like and take some better photos for you to see. My cell phone camera is good, but not great. And my Canon printer has great quality for when I print them out. I'm just so picky when it comes to photography. Technology updates so fast that I'd end up buying a nice 14 megapixel camera and the next day they'd come out with 24 megapix!

Paul & Vickie move out next Friday and Saturday and then Phillip & Christy move in the same two days. It's gonna be crazy around here. When we were discussing it yesterday Vickie suggested I stay scarce or get put to work. I said I'm happy to work, but with all the neck and back injuries the most I can do is move couch cushions. She said I was worthless. I said I wasn't worthless to which Elousie said I was workless. We were cracking up.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great day - I haven't played yahtzee in ages! very cool...

i did try to steal the board when i left the fiedlers the last time but didn't make it

lgf said...

Lesli & I played when I was in Tucson May '07. When we were on the phone one day I had her give me the scoring info. I put it in excel and CaliLyn and I play all the time. You just need 5 dice.

PJ said...

Scully looks so sweet, my parents used to have a boxer, but that was before I was born.
Seems like everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We spent ours camping and it was great.

lgf said...

I've never used "great" and "camping" in the same sentence. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well!