06 November 2008

What's the Buzz?

Since I have been out of work I have turned my main focus into building my business. I figured this is a great time since I haven't been lead to a new job yet. There is a great opportunity out there for anyone who needs to earn some extra cash or even build a big business and get free of the rat-race.

My initial focus is to show companies in my area my Ribbon Gift and Incentive program. It's a great opportunity for acknowledgement of accomplishments. Companies can also use it for sales incentives, or just year-round gifts of appreciation for their employees or customers.

In fact, these albums have been the gifts I've been giving to people for a few years now. I've always gotten great responses on them. There's everything from Choices for Health, Home and Self to I Do! for a wedding to Arrival for a new baby to Luxury for high-end gifts. Stop by my website and click the Services tab and then click Gifts on the left side of your screen to check them out. The way I've usually done it is to pick out an album with at least three things I think my friend, family member or employee will like and then that's the album I get them. It never fails that the even end up getting something I didn't think of for them out of the album.

There's no shipping charges for the albums or the gifts so you save time and money. You don't have to fight lines at the malls and you aren't spending gas money to run around looking for the right gift.


Anonymous said...

Deb said you were setting up appointments. How are they going? That's another thing on my list - i have the demo stuff to do it.

lgf said...

I've had one appt so far. Today I drove around handing out the flyers I downloaded from the Q.c site training. I got cards everywhere so I can call again next week. We'll see how it goes.

PJ said...

I went to your website Lisa. It looks like you've got an array of items. I hope you get some sales

lgf said...

thanks for stopping by PJ.