21 October 2007

Boxer or big Chicken? You be the judge...

Scully jumped into bed last night and stayed the night. The Santa Ana winds were freaking her out. We're getting up to 70mph winds right now. It started Friday and is expected to go until Tuesday. At some point during the night, Scully turned around and left her backside on my pillow as if to say, "I'm tired of this sh**!"

When I got up to get ready for church this morning she followed me into the bathroom. She didn't get in the shower, but then didn't leave my side until I put her outside so I could leave. Then she stared at me with eyes that would break your heart. Ofcourse, she is a boxer so that's really the only look she has anyway.

I thanked her for "protecting me" and told her I'd be okay getting to church and back. I had to build her up before leaving her alone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for the link to your blog. My children connect with bloggers friends, but you will be my first. It made me smile to see and read about Scully, and frown to rememeber those winds!
I will always love you!

lgf said...

At 40 I'm new to it as well. Carri Ann connects more than I do. Her two blogs are the links I have so far on my site. Archi is one of her rabbits & then she has her own.

Love ya lots!

Manon said...

Hi There,
just read about Scully. Cute. I forgot about those winds. Don't miss them. Perry's son Scott said there were a bunch of fires burning. Good ole month of October.
Perry set up a daily blog for the dogs we were watching for the owners. They loved it. I took little videos with my camera and he posted that. He put a picture of them with each day. It was cute.
Love Ya, Manon

archi ann said...

big ol chicken! i'm just a small bunny with messed up legs and i live outside in an enclosure that kicks butt but i was OUTSIDE for the whole windstorm yesterday! and my mum wasn't even home! piece of cake for me!

Anonymous said...

Smart chicken
God Bless

archi ann said...

hey Auntie Lisa,

I just tagged Scully dog for a meme - check out my site to see what to do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
My first blog to comment on. Too exciting! I've never encountered the winds, but I'm sure I'd rather be inside under the warm covers than outside. So tell Scully she can be a big chicken and that's all right! I have no clue about the location of the fires, so I'm just praying you're not affected by them.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

we just nominated you for a blog award :-)

so now your blog should get really busy, a name meme and an award ;-p

lgf said...

Patti ~
The bummer about the winds is it makes it hotter. :-(

CA ~
Thanks for the award & the meme...don't know what it all means, but I'll go check it out now. Love ya lots & see ya next Saturday. Dean Kosage's gonna be great!