27 October 2007

Hot Time in the Ole Town

As most of you know by now, Southern California has been on fire for a little over a week. In the fires four years ago the evacuations were up to one street over from where I lived at the time. These fires have not effected where I live. However, they have certainly effected my breathing! Here's a shot of the skies the other day once the winds subsided a little.

Those aren't clouds! You can see a bit of the sky. This was only at 5 pm & it doesn't get dark until around 6:30 right now. Fortunately, the Santa Ana's have stopped and in some of the areas the fire fighters are making headway. Pray that the Lord will keep all those who have been displaced by the fires safe. While many have already lost their homes continue to pray for an end to the fires. CNN has actually had good coverage on & off the air about the fires.

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