24 April 2008

Prayer Changes Things

As I've known for years: I have a big God! Tonight, as I arrived home from the J.O.B. Paul & Vickie were out front with their realtor. Paul came over to my car to ask that I come meet her. He said there were some people interested in the place and they are also interested in me staying. Very cool! Amazing how God works. The house just went on the market Wednesday and today is Thursday. In today's economy, with homes being foreclosed on right and left, somebody is buying a home for "full price."

I am certainly thankful that they want me to stay on board! Paul said he's given me high praises to everyone they've met. Plus, Scully has made a good impression on all the people coming through. I can't say I see the future, but I'm hopeful in NOT having to move!

Keep on agreeing in prayer that this will remain our home!

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that would be nice :-)