03 April 2008

The Last Time

Today was the funeral service for my two friends who were killed by a wrong way driver last Saturday. It wasn't as hard as most funerals I've attended since it was in Spanish. When they spoke slowly I only caught every third word or so. Once they sped up I managed to get every ten words or so. Although, I still find myself very weepy periodically during the day. It's weird coming into the office and thinking that I won't see Teo or Mario anymore.

Our warehouse manager was Teo's brother. He's leaving tomorrow for about a week to drive the ashes to where they grew up in Mexico. It's about a 30 hour drive one way. I became the default warehouse manager for the next several days. I've been doing lighting for almost 16 years so I know WHAT EVERYTHING is. However, we are in the middle of a warehouse remodel so nothing is WHERE it used to be...I'm really tired! I realize that it's a good experience doing somebody else's job for a while. Working in the warehouse was the only thing I hadn't done for this company. (I've been here almost nine years.)

Take some time to call the people you love to just say, "I love you!" I pray that those who read this who don't know Jesus as your Savior and Lord would make the effort to know Him. Call me, call another friend who knows Him, but don't leave this earth without knowing what your eternity holds for you. For those who know Him may you deepen your faith through the blessed work He has done in your lives! Blessed are those who have not seen yet they believe!


archi ann said...

hey one of O'Reilly's favorite playmates at the dog park is an english boxer named Roxie. they have a blast! makes me wonder if scully could ever come back again but i think she'd still try to take out lakota!

lgf said...

maybe after you move into your cabin in the woods we could try it once. that way it's not the familiar property that she feels the need to dominate. she's fine w/the dogs in the park, but Paul & Vickie's son & daughter in-law bring over their yap-yap dog and she pictures a pork chop...