26 April 2008

Tiring Saturday

People have been by all day today to look at the property. I'm still surprised at how many people are looking to pay full price in today's market. The couple that was interested the other day haven't moved forward. The broker asked them to make sure they were financed prior to making an offer. So far they haven't come through with anything. Paul said it is prolly 'cause people go looking for homes and then try to get owner financed. Paul & Vickie aren't doing that so there will be people who won't put in an offer.

At least everyone is by appointment only. That way I have a schedule of when there will be somebody here. Ofcourse, Scully & I didn't get our nap today. It's also likely we won't get our nap tomorrow either. We usually have either Saturday or Sunday where we get in a nap. There was one couple today that she really did not like. After that I told her to pick us a good couple. Animals have a better sense about people than we usually do.


Anonymous said...

geez i'd not survive the weekend without a nap! i finally got my bedroom cleaned today :-) ... after my nap of course

lgf said...

i actually ended up napping sunday...it was ALOT longer than normal, though.