15 August 2008

What Weather!

Holy cow! Yesterday was like 60% humidity out there! I don't know what that was all about, but I walked outside to take my lunch break and there was no air...it was so heavy from all the moisture that the trees couldn't even move. Today is much better.

We've been harvesting a couple dozen tomotoes a day from our five plants. It's been great. My landlords got home from vacation today so I'm gonna have to share (the plants are theirs). I have been bringing some in to work and sharing. I love home-made tomatoes! They just taste so goooood! Scully even likes them.

The other great thing about Paul & Vickie being home is that Scully will be getting her walks/runs again. I've been doing really good lately. Once my incision started healing I started feeling better. Today has been a really good day. I'm actually looking forward to the weekend 'cause I don't feel like just lying around all weekend. I'm not ready to start walking Scully again, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

CaliLyn comes home on Saturday (from her summer with her Dad). Wendy and I already discussed getting together. I think we'll do a Musashi tepan tables night. It's CaliLyn's favorite place. She goes there once a year for her birthday. They just built one at the town center here so it's actually more convenient than the other one where we would go. Wendy only takes her once a year because of the cost. I don't see that it's more than Outback or something similar so now that it's local to me she and I can go more often.

Have a terrific weekend!


PJ said...

Every time i visit you're just a little bit better. I think y ou're going to make it. Watching you progress has been a great testament of your faith.

lgf said...

having encouragement from friends always helps too!