21 August 2008

Mom's Home!

As I was at work the other day I was thinking about getting home to see Scully (which is most of what I do while at work). I decided I needed to do cell video of her as I arrived home. She moves so fast ~ sometimes she gets out of the frame. I love her look at the end of the video.


Isn't she cute!


PJ said...

Yeah, the last one was the money shot. He lurvs you, it's obvious.

lgf said...

and isn't it nice to be luv'd ;-)

mum of critters said...


PJ said...

Lisa, tomorrow I'm going to have a picture of "Scully" on my daily photo blog:

lgf said...

that's cool...thanks for letting me know. I always knew Scully would be famous. ;-)

mum of critters said...

the butt isn't wiggling enough to be scully's :-)

you should see what i posted on her site

and check out disapproving rabbits - today is Riena's day there!