10 August 2008

Wendy Update

Just a quick note to update you on my friend Wendy. She saw the orthopedic surgeon this week. He confirmed that her broken shoulder blade is not operable. He also said that it doesn't affect the joint. Therefore it will heal on its own. He will have her do physical therapy for the next few weeks and he's also ordering an MRI to make sure nothing else is wrong in there. She hasn't seen the neurologist regarding the seizure yet. The soonest available appointment was the 21st. She's going to work a few times a week. She gets to sleep in and get there at her leisure. Her company owner has been very understanding.

Russ (her dad) is doing pretty good. He's healing from all the treatments. The concern now is that he has been getting lightheaded. He almost passed out the other night. Sue said this was the first time that happened since she's been alone with him. She was a bit scared, but she was able to get him to the bed before he went out and hit his head on the bathroom tile or something. His white blood cell count is still low. Keep them in prayer.


PJ said...

So much to deal with, I'm praying it will all sort itself out soon.

lgf said...

GOd is in control.