06 August 2008

Still Plugging Away

I finally had a turn of events in my healing this weekend: the portion of my surgical incision that had been infected took a turn for the better. It finally looks like it's starting to heal. It's important to note that the doc said it wasn't infected. I didn't ask what his reasoning for the puss was, but I just continued to keep it clean and treated w/triple antibiotic ointment. I love doctors!

Scully's been a bit bummed out lately. Paul and Vickie are on vacation (they do that a lot) and so she isn't getting daily her runs with Vickie. I certainly can't walk her yet. Poor girl! Plus, we have rabbits (along with a bunch of other types of wildlife) in our back yard and I am teaching her to let them be instead of chasing them. I think she's got it. When I'm home she will walk out back they'll start hopping away and she just glances at them and then goes on about her business.

I had a cool break through with the bunnies: when I let Scully out for the last time last night they started hopping off. I spoke to them and said "it's okay bunnies, you can stay." I've been talking to them a lot. That was the first time they stopped in their tracks and went about grazing instead of stopping statuesque and crouching low to the ground. It was pretty cool. This morning when I let Scully out, two of them just stayed in the yard. Granted they were close to the fence in case they felt the need to flee, but I think we're making progress.

My goal is getting Scully to be friends with the wildlife so once day we can move into the getting other pets realm. I would love to have a ferret again!

Thanks for stopping by to read what's up with me!


PJ said...

Didn't know you had buns. I'm looking forward to the day when we can have one. =%>}

lgf said...

they aren't pets, per se. They belong to God and we just all live here together. since they are wild they haven't let me get quite close enough to get the best pick I can. I love to watch 'em though...they're fun critters.