24 October 2008

An Election Day Suggestion

Yesterday as I was sitting in a training class to learn my duties as an Election Inspector for the upcoming primaries a thought came to me that I'd like to share with you. This election is being said to be the most important election for our country in 40 years. Not only for the presidential race nationwide, but in California for Prop 8. My thought was this: arrange your schedule to get to your polling place at the opening time in order to pray through the site for the will of God in that place. Naturally, you can't pray out loud, however, since the election process in the US is an open process you CAN stay a little while and observe. You can't interfere with the Election Officials or the voters, but you can watch the process. While you are there to vote and/or observe you can be praying through the site.

I know that in California many people vote by mail (formerly called absentee voting). This is one of the things that California has been trying to get voters to do for years. Even if you vote by mail (as I do), you can still observe the process. If an election official asks what you are doing, simply tell them that you are there to observe the election process. It doesn't have to be your home voting site. This will give you the opportunity to pray through the site.

Also, while it is too late to register (at least in California - the deadline was Monday) if you are registered to go to a polling place in California and for any reason can't make it to your home polling place you can vote at another polling place. You will vote on a provisional ballot, but all votes will be counted. If you are outside of California, check the website for your state to see if this is true for you. We need to not only fight the wars in the spiritual realm, but we need to do our part and vote.

The site where I am working for the election has four precincts voting there. I'm glad to be on site not only from 6am until 9pm, but I go the day before and get things set up. This place will be covered in prayer for sure.

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