14 October 2008

Still Lookin'

I'm still in the hunt for a job. I've been checking the "big three" websites every day: monster, careerbuilder and Yahoo! Hot Jobs. Since I live in Southern Cal, my two "local" papers are the LA Times (which uses CareerBuilder) and the Ventura County Star (which uses Yahoo). Another thing I've done is send out an email to everyone in my address book that I'm looking. I did that the day I was fired. Friday I started going through the yellow pages. I'm searching companies that seem like they would be a good fit for my personality and then checking for a website with employment opportunities. I'm still in the "A" section.

Paul & Vickie are back from vacation. They came back to the eastern edge of our city being on fire. Autumn is fire season in So Cal. The Santa Ana winds kick up (60 mph) and arsonists go out and start fires. It horrible! Resources get stretched so thin and then the fires burn up thousands of acres. This year they have already claimed more homes and buildings than in previous years. Plus the air quality is less than poor. That's the only good thing about being off work right now: I don't have to leave Scully outside in the smoke and ash.

Vickie let me hang on to their car key. She said that I can still use the car. She has a car and she said Paul could use the motorcycle if all three of us need to be gone at the same time. That is a blessing.

My sis called me yesterday about a new position at her company. My resume doesn't directly qualify me for it, but just like she said I can easily learn anything. So yesterday, I sent my resume over to the person filling the position. One cool thing about it is I would work from home. That way I wouldn't be stressed to go out and get a car. There's a market within walking distance so I could pick up a couple of things at a time as needed until I get a car.

I'm still make calls and working on building my ecommerce biz. With gas prices so high it makes more sense to shop online. I have everything you need for your home, your health and your self care. Plus, all red tag items qualify for free shipping at only a $75 pre-tax order. Check it out: http://lgfintl.mychoices.biz.

Also, the contracting corporation was "green" before it was "the in thing." My main household cleaner, L.O.C., was created in the late 50's. It stands for Liquid Organic Cleanser. It cleans EVERYTHING. In fact, I had just cleaned the mats in my car a couple of weeks before the car accident. I was impressed at how well it did. They looked new. My oldest sister's son moved out and she was going to clean the carpet in his old room. I told her to add just a capful of the LOC to the water in the tank of the carpet cleaner and it would do the job. A friend of hers had done the actual cleaning and was so impressed with how well it did that he ordered some right then and there. I'm wishing she had taken before and after pictures.

That's it for now. Back to the fun job search!

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