18 October 2008

Off the Market

I forgot to mention, Paul & Vickie took the house off the market when they got back from vacation this month. They had decided if there wasn't a good offer by the time they got back they would go ahead and rent it to their son & daughter-in-law (Phillip & Christie) instead. Vickie said they'll be moving around the holiday time and then Phillip & Christie will move in. Ofcourse, Scully and I are staying.

"We're" getting a new dog ~ Phillip & Christie have a small dog named Abby. She's been here several times and Scully doesn't seem to mind her. They were here this morning and Scully just sat on her couch looking at Abby while she meandered in the yard. I hope that Scully will not "alpha all over her" and that they will get along and be friends. I've been praying about her "alpha-tude" and talking to her letting her know that Abby is moving in and she needs to be her friend.

On another note, Will, Wendy and I were talking about the SAT's the other day. I can't remember how we got on the subject, but it made me think of my old high school friends. I'm 23 years out of high school and haven't talked to anybody for over a decade. I moved out of state and ended up losing track of people (or being lost track of - I'm not sure which). So this week I pulled out my year books and went through them looking for phone numbers. I figured I had to hit some that still had parents living there. I started calling today. I actually only reached two of my old friends so far. It was only two because both phone calls ended up being about three total hours. They were the only two I had called too!

We left it that we'd keep in touch, naturally exchanging email addresses and phone numbers. I'm looking forward to making more calls and reconnecting. It's fun to talk to people that you once held so dear in your heart. The funny thing was that both of these people had said they were just thinking of me recently and recalled the memories they had that made them think of me. I look forward to meeting their families one day.


PJ said...

Hi Lisa, you sound as though you're moving forward and that's good to know. You've been through so much. Keep us posted on your journey.

lgf said...

thanks pj. I will keep updating.

Anonymous said...

that's really cool

all really good news!