02 October 2008

Gettin' Knocked Around

Well, I've not had this much personal stuff to pray for in quite some time. It's been others that have coveted your prayers. So, to add injury to insult (pun) Scully and I were in a narly car accident last night on the way home from counseling. We were bumped at the left rear fender as we were changing lanes. That pushed us into the center divider which we "bounced" off and glided across six lanes of traffic before slamming into a wall on the right side of the freeway and we came to a stop on the shoulder. We were even facing in the right direction. As soon as we were hit I shouted "Lord Protect Us!" and then repeated it again as we were going across the lanes of the freeway. I saw the "wall fast approaching" and turned the wheel to the left. It was very hard to move it.

The adrenaline has worn off, however, it's 3:30 and I can't sleep. My friend suggested I take one of the pain meds that I was on after my surgery in June, but I thought better of it. I took ibuprophen. I didn't let them take me to the hospital because they would have taken Scully to the pound. That place is no place for any animal! The paramedics checked me out. When we started my BP was 146 over 78 and pulse was 100. When they checked me before they left it was 122 over 78 and 88. He had me stand up and make sure I could walk.

I have like a rope burn on my neck where the seat belt rode up. And pain and brusing down the line of the seat belt. I don't have any abdominal pain so no concerns there. Plus, I have the neck and upper back stuff consistent with a car accident. My car was a '91 so there were no airbag injuries.

Praise reports: 1. Scully and I are both alive and will recover. She has no problem with mobility and when we arrived home she came in and ate her dinner which tells me she feels fine on the inside too. 2. Nobody else was injured in the accident. 3. Only one other car had slight damage to it. In going across the six lanes of traffic nobody else hit us!

So, the prayer requests: 1. my car was a '91 so I only had liability on it. It's totaled. As I looked at it when the tow truck driver was taking it off the truck I was amazed that Scully and I walked away from that. Pray there would be a chop shop place that would pay me a decent amount. If the accident is deemed my fault, I'll have to pay $1000 deductable for the other drivers' car. 2. I need a car, but being unemployed I can't go buy one. Pray God provides a safe car for us. 3. Being unemployed and not having a car will make it difficult to go on job interviews as they come. Pray that the right door will open where I can travel locally and not have transportation issues. 4. Pray against this attack on my finances. Roadside assistance paid only 8 miles which left a $101 bill to pay. I asked him the discount for unemployed, uninsured (don't have full coverage) people. He only charged me $100. That tells me God has a plan for that dollar!

I'm sure there are more, but then we're going on to the almost 4:00 in the morning thing and I haven't had time to decompress yet.

Ofcourse the kicker is that Wednesday night was the final night of my Esther fast. We have an ememy and he fights dirty. We have a God Who is so much bigger! I am glad to call myself His daughter.

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PJ said...

Oh, Lisa!!!! I am so glad you are alive! And that Scully is alright. I wish I was there to pray with you. Please let me know how this unfolds. Thank God you're okay.