01 May 2008

Surgery is the Option

I had my doc appointment today. It took almost an hour and amazingly there was prolly only ten minutes of wait time in that. He said his first option for the tumors would normally be a DNC. However, the placement of the tumors forbids that in this case. He said the next option would be to burn them out and the next option is to remove my uterus. Burning them out is only second option to the DNC, but is not an option because of the same reason. While I don't have a prospect yet, I do pray that I will one day be married and still have kids so removing my uterus isn't an option for me.

He re-read my report and confirmed that he can remove the tumors via surgery. It will be a small incision and two to three night hospital stay. He's going to do it at a surgery center near the hospital instead. He said it's a much nicer facility and is more like an upscale hotel than a hospital. Please pray the insurance will approve it. Once approved we will schedule it for early June. I have a regional seminar June 7th so I don't want it before then because I don't want to miss the regional.

So, that said as soon as I have confirmation of the insurance approval and the date I'll post it.

On the home front: there will be an open house for the property on Sunday from 1 - 4. The broker thought I might be uncomfortable with people walking thru the house while I'm there. Paul said they needed to let me decide. I'm glad to stay. Since my biz rises with the more people involved it just brings me more opportunity (and I don't have to leave the house! I just wish my perfect empowered drinking water would have gotten here already...c'est la vie).

I did just find out something else today. Turns out the guest house isn't permitted. When Paul & Vickie bought the property fifteen years ago it was an as-is foreclosure. They considered permitting it, but their broker at the time said they might end up having to tear down walls to reveal wiring and such so they opted to not do it. They are also selling as-is so he thinks that is why the family with the two kids hasn't moved forward yet. Though he said they were certainly interested in keeping me on as a tenant.

I spoke with CaliLyn last night and told her Auntie Lisa might have to move. I explained the circumstances to her and told her to pray that whoever buys the property wants to keep me and Scully. She amended it to: "And they have to be Christians still." I said, "ABSOLUTELY!"

As I continue to say I know Who holds the future so I'm not concerned. Thanks for all your prayers and keep 'em coming.


Anonymous said...

wish i had time to drive out and deliver ya a couple o' bottles

praying they approve the surgery and fast :-)

lgf said...

the whole fast thing doesn't matter. Livi is still on maternity leave so I have to wait anyway. then we hit the regional june 7 so I'm praying he's available june 11. that gives me a month to heal before family reunion.