26 May 2008

Cool of the Morning

sun rays peak through the clouds
dew is still on the grass
i open the back door
winged creatures fly from the grass to the trees
the goats braying their wake up song
the roosters command the day's begin
i let scully out for her morning constitutional
the furries stare her down statuesque
she stares back wishing for privacy
once finished she sees me waiting at the door
she runs faster than a deer panting for water
the bunnies go on about their morning grazing
within moments the birds cover the ground again

You'd almost think I lived in a wildlife preserve with all the animals that hang out in my yard. Not even close. I'm in the middle of the city. It's a place where horse property still exists. Despite not being a morning person I love waking up on days I don't have to get ready and rush off to work. It's so cool to open the door and watch the wildlife. When the gate is closed between the house and the yard the animals all stay put until I open it. Watching Scully though she minds her own business. The bunnies don't get close enough to the house or her for me to take a decent picture. Maybe next years' tax return will afford me getting the nicer digital SLR camera I want.


Anonymous said...

very cool poetic description :-)

have you checked out the vid on today's disapproving rabbits - fun!

lgf said...

I looked at DR, but didn't stop for the vid...can't do it on the home cpu. too slow. i'll check it out at work tomorrow. bringing home my work cpu when i'm off for my surgery might make me "need" a new one for home.

Anonymous said...

zinger tagged scullible, scullibaba, sculliver's travels for a name meme ;-)