16 May 2008

Something to Say

Having all the updates from Sue has been good. Usually somebody will tell you they have a prayer need and then it's weeks before you ever hear anything else about it. I'm glad to hear how quickly things are being done for them. Thanks for checking back for regular updates on them as well as me.

There was a family that came to look at the house last night. Their realtor was at the house waiting for them when I got home. The lady who looked at the house said they live in town and are looking for another place so her Mom-In-Law can move in with them. I mentioned I was willing to stay and rent. I don't know if they were thinking of the guest house for her or the fifth bedroom that has a separate entrance, walk-in closet and bathroom. I'm praying it's the latter. They are coming back next week w/the Mom-In-Law to show her.

In the meantime, "our" realtor (Christine) let me know that both the family w/two kids and the man who wants to buy for his daughter & board horses are still interested. However, neither have made an offer yet. The family may not have the budget for the property. Christine said every time she's asked direct questions the husband would not answer.

Nobody else has called on it for a couple of weeks now. Since I'm going to be layed up after my surgery next month I'm a little thankful 'cause I won't have to break in new landlords in the midst of the pain. I'm still believing for a buyer who wants me to stay and are Christians. God is good!

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