28 July 2008

Happy Monday

Today the sky is overcast. It's actually a nice day out. It's not as hot as it's been getting although it's a bit humid. Granted not mid-west or east coast humid, but for me humid none the less. After the trauma of the weekend I'd never thought I'd say I'm glad to be at work.

Yesterday on the way to the hospital I called a few prayer warriors to lift up Wendy. This morning Milton shared with me the opposition he was getting in trying to take my call and hear me. He was at a dinner with people from about four different churches. After we spoke he prayed for Wendy. He said when he hung up he thought, "I don't really know these people. The family can just pray in the car on the way home." He realized that this was NOT what God would have him do so he immediately got everyone's attention and asked if there were any prayer warriors in the house. Everyone stood up and gathered around and they had intercession for Wendy, Will and the circumstances surrounding her seizure. The host of the dinner later told him that moment changed the entire mood of the gathering. One moment everyone was in their groups (clicks) and the next they were unified under the Spirit.

Milton shared that one of the things the Lord showed him during this was that if God's favor is on a person there is nothing that can stand in HIS way or HIS plan for that person. Hallelujah!

I also wanted to share with you Sue's email from today:

Dear Ones:

I am weary, so very weary. I look out at the lawn and think I better get out there soon and mow, no not today, maybe tomorrow.

For about 2 weeks I have been having the words of a song playing over and over in my head, the words are. " The Voice of TRUTH tells me a different story, the Voice of TRUTH says, 'do not be afraid'. The Voice of TRUTH says, 'this is for My Glory', I will listen and believe the Voice of TRUTH." I will cling to those words, moment by moment. (My note: This song is by Casting Crowns.)

If God is for us who can be against us.

Last night after the call about Wendy I felt so defeated, so under it. Then those words started again in my head. "The Voice of TRUTH" She gave so much of herself when she was here. Whatever needed to be done, whether she liked it or not she did it with no complaint. Weeding, mowing, weed whacking, driving, getting up very early to drive to the hospital, putting on a smiling face no matter what the circumstance, lifting us up, decorating her Dad's hospital room with Congratulations on his last day of treatment, cleaning, etc. etc. Whatever we needed, she was there. Now, bless her heart, she is the one under attack and we can't even be there for her, but we can pray and I know you will also.

Russ seems fine today & had a good day yesterday. The new antibiotic seems to be working, he is able to take it without having an upset stomach. He still tires very easily, but I see improvement each day. We're still having trouble trying to find things he can eat. I don't know what the problem is: taste or unable to swallow right or what, he can't figure it out either. A neighbor made him some delicious soup but he choked on it last night and up it came. No more of that soup. He will still eat some I made him. I will try a protein shake today.

Loving you all. Russ and Sue


PJ said...

Those verses from Romans can really change a person's perspective.

lgf said...

Amen to that!