07 July 2008

What a Pain

I've been struggling with ulcer issues for a little over a week. Thursday night culminated into such extreme pain that I was crying hysterically. About 10:15 that night I went to Paul & Vickie's to get help. I was in so much pain that I couldn't think straight. Vickie came out to the living room and placed her hand over mine and spoke with me. Because I was in so much pain and crying I'm not sure everything she asked or said, but it was calming. When I calmed down the pain had subsided. She asked if it would help if I slept in one of their recliners. I didn't know if it would help, but I did know that it was a smart idea if the pain started up again. I didn't sleep great that night, but the pain hasn't come back at all since then.

God is our healer. I believe He sometimes uses others to facilitate that. In this circumstance I think He either healed me for my obedience to get help (I'm not very good at asking for help from people when I need it ~ that's a learned behavior I'm not going into here). Or He used Vickie's touch to bring healing. Either way, I know He healed me. God is good!


PJ said...

I'm glad you have such great and understanding support. You're so lucky. I hope you're having a better day today.

Anonymous said...

that is cool and i'm sorry they are selling the house. they are such a blessing to you

lgf said...

i feel the same way...but as Vickie keeps saying, maybe God has a different plan.