22 July 2008

Not so Easy Like Sunday...

I had planned to go back to my church this Sunday. Right before I got dressed I got a major dizzy spell. It relaxed a bit when I sat down and drank some water. I got up and got dressed. When I walked my stuff out to the car it hit again. I came back in and sat down again and it was appearant to me that driving myself the 15 or so miles to church wasn't happening. It's weird 'cause I haven't had any dizzyness from my surgery. I'm not taking any meds.

I walked over to Paul & Vickie's to have them pray for me. Paul said he was concerned that I would drive to church like I was. I told him I'd decided not to go, but thought it was important that I have them pray for me before they left for church. Vickie said I should join them at their church. I figured that was a great idea. I'm glad I went. It was a good service. The dizzyness totally left me. I did feel a bit wiped out that day so I came home and took it easy most of the day.

The other thing is I started my cycle again on the 17th. I wasn't due until the 28th. I thought that was weird, but again I'm having no pain so I count the surgery a success. I had my six week doc appointment today. He said my uterus is down to normal size now. That's very exciting! He said just to keep track of my cycles and if they don't normal out or if I have concerns to give him a call. I also had him take a look at the place where the one surface stitch was. It had gotten really read last week and a little pussy. I removed the stitch and it started healing. He said it's normal that it can get irritated, but it looks fine now.

What's not exciting is I have to go back to the job tomorrow. (I could do this not working thing full time!) Vickie doesn't think I'm ready to go back ~ especially after Sunday. I told her I'm just gonna take it slow and see how it goes. I saw Joe when I was at their church and let him know that I stilll couldn't wear jeans or pants. It puts too much pressure and also it irritates the surgery site. So, I'm continuing to live in sports shorts. I have a few pairs of U of A shorts Lesli got me several years ago. One is still new and I can't wear it 'cause the elastic still works, but the other three I just use the draw strings and they stay loose on my abdomen.

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PJ said...

Let us know how work was. Prayers are going your way.