27 July 2008

Not so Easy

My easy Sunday was blown away at around 4:00 when I got a call from Will letting me know that Wendy just had a seizure. I headed over to the hospital so he would have some support. She had been watching a movie with the kids when she fell asleep. She had the seizure basically in her sleep. The kids thought she was teasing when Zach finally had the presence of mind to tell Kendall to go get Will.

Wendy was in extreme pain from her left shoulder. It turns out she broke her shoulder bone during the seizure. The CT scan came back showing nothing wrong. It's important to note that she had just come back last week from three weeks with her mom & dad in Minnesota. Her dad is Russ (see Russ Perkins' Update to the right) who we have been praying for during his struggles with cancer. He's had a very rough time of it the last several weeks. Today he just took a turn for the better finally.

Wendy's daughter, CaliLyn, is visiting with her dad in Oregon. She will be back mid-August. Wendy is not going to tell her anything until she gets back. She has a rough enough time being away from home for two months that Wendy didn't want to make the last three weeks any harder.

Please keep Wendy's healing in prayer. The ER doc advised her that she can't drive for six months. The only one who can lift this will be the neurologist. She also needs to see an ortho for her shoulder blade break. The ER doc said they will probably let it heal naturally (w/o surgery), but the ortho will determine that.

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