23 June 2008

New Landlords??

Offer accepted...Vickie came by this morning and let me know that the couple to which they countered an offer this weekend accepted. It's contingent on the sale of their house NOT having any contingencies. They want me to stay ~ which is the best news for Scully & me. The reason they like the property so much is the land. They have Alpaca's and need the space. I don't know if they breed them or what the deal is. This means the "wildlife sanctuary" in the backyard is gonna grow. When they had come thru the guest house Scully was barking at them. I told them she needs to get to know you before she will take to you. The wife commented that they were animal people and they understood.

I'm looking forward to the new animals. I could totally have a yard full of pets if I had more time to spend with them. One day!

Tomorrow is my post-surgery doctors' appointment. Vickie offered to drive if I'm not up to it. I just had an email from Sue letting me know that I need to take it easy even when I'm feeling okay. She said I can do a lot of harm if I'm not careful. With Scully jumping on me the other night I know this to be true and am taking her advice to heart!

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