17 June 2008

Pain Update

Hi all...I'm at a point where I now know why House became addicted to vicodin. It's a great drug. Don't freak out...I'm not getting addicted, but for pain management it rocks!

I'm trying to get my stupid email program to send send some work emails. It sent four and now won't send four more I need to send. It doesn't make any sense to me. I hate having to figure things out on a computer! It drives me crazy! (yes, I know, you've been wondering the source)

I've been progressing a bit each day, but can't sit up for very long periods of time ~ a half an hour at best. CaliLyn has been here yesterday and today and will be here tomorrow helping out by fixing meals and cleaning up. Wendy brings dinner and we all eat together so she can spend some time w/CaliLyn who leaves for Oregon on Monday for two months. It's been a blessing to have her help.

Okay - fighting w/email kept me sitting up too long so I'm done for now.


Anonymous said...

well i'm glad you get to spend some time with her too before she goes

and of course you're not pushing too hard too fast ;-) take it easy

milton said...

We are praying for ya and miss your morning hugs to start the day. Glad to hear you are sitting upright when you can. "Wait on the Lord;be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart:wait, I say, on the Lord". psalm 27:14
God bless