30 June 2008


I'm still not sleeping well. It's amazing to me how much Scully sleeps during the day and it doesn't even phase her when I get up several times during the night. She snores and "talks" in her sleep so I know she's asleep. It's fun listening to her sleep. She carries on full conversations. I wish I could speak Boxer to understand what she's saying. Her sleep barking is more under her breath than full barking. I've tried turning on the light to video her, but that wakes her up. I'll just have to do one in the dark and post it. It's more fun to watch, though, 'cause her feet and her mouth are all moving the whole time. For the love of dogs!

I now have an understanding of why pregnancy leave is eight weeks after a c-section. I think when the doc told me a minimum of two weeks "maybe" longer he must not have been thinking about the surgery. He must have been thinking of time out from when they do a D&C. I can't see any woma recovering in only two weeks after this surgery. It's almost three weeks for me and I'm still having pains ~ thankfully not as bad or as consistent. I awoke this morning to a sharp pain in the surgery area on the right. It's gone now, but holy cow!

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