06 June 2008

So close...

I have been in pain the last two days. I haven't slept well. I am not allowed to take anything (at least not anything that helps) until after surgery on Wednesday. Today was horrible for me. I did go to work since I'm going to be off for a couple of weeks. I got home and layed down on the couch. Poor Scully is missing her walks, but I can barely move let alone take her on our mile and a half jaunt to and around the park.

I just got up and can certainly sleep another eight hours ~ which is the plan just as soon as I'm done here.

Tomorrow I have a seminar to go to in Ontario for my biz. I'm looking forward to hearing these speakers. Bob & Shelly Kummer have been Diamonds for a few years. They have such big hearts and I always love hearing them speak. I have no new people attending, but I have been getting customer orders lately. That's a nice bit of growth for the biz.

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