21 June 2008

Lesli's Weight Loss

I just realized I should have done this a while ago. My sis Lesli started Weight Watchers in September of last year. She just hit her first 100# loss goal. These pics are "before & after" although the after is not quite the 100#. She is keeping the purple shirt for the exact purpose of showing the loss. The last photo is her and my brother-in-law ~ who by default is doing weight watchers. He's lost 86#.

It's pretty cool, huh!


PJ said...

I was uncertain about starting a blog, about putting myself out there, and then I see your brave sister and brother-in-law showing their weight loss progress. I think they're doing great.
Cheers to them.

lgf said...

Hi PJ ~ Thanks for visiting my blog (lgf-bunchastuf.blogspot.com). Yes, Al & Les have done a remarkable job. I'll make sure she stops by to read your comment. I'll add your blog to my links & look forward to visiting it.