05 June 2008

Scheduled and Ready to go

I've preregistered for the hospital. The rooms are private and I could have people stay if I wanted. What a bummer that I'm not married. I'm having my pain again today so I'm really glad for the surgery to be almost here!

For the rest of the time between now and the surgery I am not allowed to take my Omega's as she said they can thin my blood. Being prone to anemia this would be a bad thing during surgery. I'll go back on them right after the surgery, but that's one less "pill to swallow" every morning. I'm glad I just did my "every two year" iron intake. I've been doing well for the last several weeks.

Feel free to stop by and visit while I'm in the hospital. I'll be there two nights ~ the surgery is 10th & I get out the 13th. It's Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital. Kristin will be taking care of Scully and the place while I'm gone. Paul & Vickie are camping and might come home early, but as it stands they are going to come home Saturday the 14th.

We now have a hawk that has joined the wildlife sanctuary in the back yard. It was cool to watch him last night. He was chasing the crows. Hopefully he won't go after the bunnies (or the dog - Scully wouldn't be too happy with that).

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