03 June 2008

Saying Goodbye

I went to a funeral today for my friends' brother. He died suddenly last Tuesday night from an asthma attack. When I got back to the office I was doing some research for the company where I work to donate to the Asthma Foundation in his memory. I was reading the little card they gave at the funeral. He had just turned 41 in February. I'll be 41 in September. One more reminder of how fleeting life is.

The priest was sharing about the breath of God. He reminded us how God first breathed life into us and therefore we have the breath of God within us. He shared about the name Yahweh. He said when it was spoken it was just as if breath was coming out of a person. Every time he said "Yahweh" he breathed it instead of speaking it. It was a very cool illustration.

I'm looking expectantly towards one day meeting my Savior face to face in heaven. As time goes by I continue to lean on Him for guidance, encouragement and friendship. I love knowing that my life is in His hands. He has the best for me and when you meet Him, He has the best for you too!

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