27 June 2008


I went to the grocery store yesterday which is my first solo outing since the surgery. Sue, thanks for the take it easy advice 'cause I felt my limitations yesterday. Vickie had offered to go for me, but I wanted to give it a go. Turned out it was too soon. I don't think I did any damage, but I was so sore yesterday afternoon & night that I knew it was a bad call. I did go very slowly at the market. When I had to turn the cart I made deliberate, slow turns. At the checkout I told them I had surgery and couldn't lift so they packaged everything very light. Then the packer walked me to my car and loaded the bags in the car. When I arrived home Vickie had opened the gate so I could back in all the way to my front door. She came right out to carry in groceries. She got a call at that moment so she sent Paul out to help. They have both been a great blessing to me.

I still haven't been sleeping well. I had one full night of sleep (I think). I'm so wiped out I started questioning whether I had slept through that night or not. This morning I let Scully out and came and lay on the couch. Vickie came and got her for their jog. When they got back Vickie was talking with me a bit. She offered breakfast since she still had some bacon left from Paul's breakfast. I gladly accepted. I'm gonna take it easy today.

I was thinking about going to church Sunday, but the short (less than a mile drive) to the market yesterday proved just as much as I can handle. It doesn't seem wise to me to go to church when that includes getting on the freeway. Plus, by the time service is out the area around the church is so congested that it's a little stressful when I'm feeling good let alone when I'm not. Technically, I could watch my service on tv at some point (I've never researched when our service is broadcast) or I could listen live on the internet. Not a bad idea.


PJ said...

I'm sure your next trip will go better.

Anonymous said...

hey sorry i'm so far behind on reading - it's just so danged busy at work right now :(

sorry this was a rough one but sounds like you're doing better now